The Micro Focus Academic Program

Building the next IT generation: the Micro Focus Academic Program

The future is only as good as the plans we make today. The heavy investment in critical business applications that keep large corporations moving is at risk. The industry needs its graduates to contribute where it matters most. Skills in key areas such as business programming languages are essential to deliver application changes at the pace demanded today.

Students want an accessible, sustainable and attainable career. The Micro Focus Academic Program can help educators bridge the gap between university and employment. It's carefully co-ordinated with a strong focus on shared success.

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The Micro Focus Academic Program is carefully co-ordinated to support the three key audiences who all play an important role in ensuring that the IT skills gap is filled with high-quality candidates.

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Teach a relevant, in-demand business skill with a promising future.

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Learn the language behind 85% of all daily business transactions.

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Your business future depends on the skilled programmers of tomorrow.

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Micro Focus: The COBOL Guys

A powerful creative force and a major business enabler, COBOL has been in popular use for more than 30 years and will remain so for many more years to come...

Did you know?

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    COBOL supports 90% of Fortune 500 business systems every day

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    240bn lines of COBOL code out of a total of 310 bn lines of code (65%)

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    COBOL powers 85% of all daily business transactions

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    Worldwide, 200x more daily COBOL transactions than Google and You Tube searches

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    Five billion lines of new COBOL code are developed every year

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