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If you're in business then you're aware of the IT skills gap. It's a shortfall in the high-quality, accessible IT talent needed to support today's business organizations.


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As the market demand for COBOL skills continue to increase, many businesses are facing tough challenges:

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How will I maintain my existing core business applications?

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Will I be required to change technology platforms to attract and recruit new talent?

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How do I locate, recruit and retain the very best in IT talent to support my business?

With emerging technologies and increased pressure on business to deliver new and higher quality services for less, these pressures, evidenced by the growing skills crisis, will only become more visible.

Do your bit to bridge the IT skills gap by joining our Academic Program and become an Alliance Partner.

Bridge the gap

As a Micro Focus Academic Alliance Partner you'll be uniquely placed to help shape the programming language that already supports 90% of Fortune 500 business systems and powers 85% of all daily business transactions.

The Micro Focus Academic Program is dedicated to uncovering and training the next generation of COBOL programming talent – the very people your company depends on.

It's a membership opportunity within the Academic Program that enables business organizations to ensure their ongoing supply of qualified, quality COBOL skilled graduates continues.

Through the program, we put alliance members in touch with local universities to access the programmers of tomorrow. You can advertise internships and careers on our site to find the skilled people you need to maintain your existing core business applications. Become part of the solution. Join the Academic Alliance today.

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Become an Academic Alliance Partner

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Become a partner

Become an Academic Alliance Partner

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